Civil Law

The Civil Law regulates legal relations between entities, based on the principle of the equality of the entities and the autonomy of the will of the parties. Therefore, there is no subordination that would create the possibility of unilaterally shaping the position of the other party to a legal relationship. It is an area of ​​the law that regulates the principles of concluding contracts, the manner of their performance and the enforcement of the resulting rights and obligations of individual parties.

As part of legal services, we prepare, analyze, evaluate and negotiate the terms of various contracts. Each of us, during our daily life, concludes many times contracts, be it oral or written. Many of them contain unclear wording and illegal clauses. Our firm draws attention to seemingly harmless provisions that may lead to litigation and proposes solutions that protect the interests of its clients.

We offer comprehensive services at the stage of judicial, extra-judicial and enforcement proceedings in the field of:

  • providing legal advice and explanations regarding the legal status in the field of civil law,
  • preparing and issuing written and oral opinions and legal analyzes related to the conclusion of contracts in the field of compliance with the law and the client's interest
  • participation and representation in written negotiations and meetings
  • preparation of pleadings at every stage of the proceedings (lawsuits, motions, complaints, appeals)
  • pursuing claims for non-performance and improper performance of obligations arising from the conclusion of contracts
  • determination of the law, declaration of invalidity of the contract
  • conducting cases in the field of broadly understood civil law before administrative, judicial and law enforcement authorities, including cases for payment, regarding the recovery of receivables
  • representation and handling of land and mortgage cases
  • cases for compensation and redress for harm suffered after traffic accidents, medical errors
  • seeking redress and compensation for damages caused by tort from entities obliged to pay them
  • matters related to the protection of personal rights
  • insurance matters, disputes with insurance companies
  • representation and advice in matters relating to the protection of property and possession of things conducting matters relating to the division of inheritance, joint ownership, the abolition of joint ownership, acquisitive prescription and easement, division of property
  • protection against unauthorized claims

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Advice in Civil Matters

As part of services in the field of the Civil Law, we offer legal advice and representation of clients before courts and offices, as well as in enforcement proceedings before a bailiff. We also prepare analyzes and legal opinions, drawing up requests for payment, withdrawal from the contract or termination of the contract, and preparation of pleadings, such as lawsuits, opposition to the payment order or application for the initiation of enforcement proceedings.

Real Estate
We offer legal services in real estate matters. We protect the interests of clients in the field of real estate trading and the broadly understood investment process
The Civil Law Contracts
We offer legal advice and preparation of documents relating to The Civil Law contracts
Division of the Property
Civil law also regulates matters relating to the division of property. The scope of our services includes handling cases for division of property after termination of marriage, marital separation or amicable division of property.
Other Civil Law Matters
As part of our services, we provide advice and conduct cases for the establishment of road easement and transmission easement
We provide legal services in the field of pursuing claims for damages. Both in the event of an accident, as well as physical and mental harm, infringement of goods or damage to health, it is necessary is to use all possible options to obtain compensation or redress in the shortest possible time.
With the death of the testator, the inheritance is opened and the persons entitled to the inheritance under the law become heirs. Inheritance cases focus primarily on determining who will acquire the right to inheritance and to whom the reserved share is due. One of the important issues is the declaration of acceptance or rejection of inheritance. Failure to make such a declaration within 6 months from the date on which the heir learned about his appointment to the inheritance, it is tantamount to accepting the inheritance with the benefit of inventory. The scope of our services includes handling cases for confirmation of inheritance acquisition, disinheritance, reserved share, division of inheritance, inheritance debts.