European Arrest Warrants

We offer comprehensive legal assistance in the field of extradition and issuance or execution of European arrest warrants. We understand the issues of international legal transactions in criminal matters, in particular regarding search by law enforcement agencies and the judiciary of Polish citizens abroad and the execution of criminal judgments of courts of foreign countries. Based on our knowledge and many years of experience, we provide representation:

  • in the control of compliance with the scope of the execution of the European arrest warrant against the use of the so-called "Rules of specialty"
  • in proceedings to revoke the preventive measure underlying the issue of the European arrest warrant in Poland
  • in proceedings to set aside a period of imprisonment abroad in the same case against the penalty of deprivation of liberty in the same case
  • in proceedings to transfer a prosecuted person from the territory of Poland (including a refusal to surrender a Polish citizen abroad)
  • in proceedings for the acceptance of a foreign state judgment for enforcement in Poland and determination of the enforceable penalty
  • in obtaining an iron letter in Poland

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We provide legal assistance throughout the entire criminal proceedings and criminal enforcement proceedings (e.g. in the scope of proceedings for the postponement of the execution of a custodial sentence or a break in the execution of a custodial sentence). Thanks to this, we are ready to comprehensively care for the interests of our clients.

In addition, we cooperate with foreign lawyers in such countries as Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and other EU countries. This way, in extradition cases, we can provide qualified bipolar legal assistance - both in Poland and in the other country interested in the case.