Criminal Law

By using our services, suspects and accused individuals, as well as victims, can count on professional legal advice and representation at every stage of a case. Our services include:

  • legal advice in the field of criminal law before the initiation of preparatory proceedings
  • assistance in the preparation of a notification of a crime
  • participation in activities such as interrogation, confrontation, site inspection
  • to defend the client already at the stage of preparatory proceedings by preparing evidence motions
  • representation of the aggrieved party in the preparatory proceedings
  • representation of the client before courts of all instances
  • advising and preparing applications for conditional early release or interruption in the execution of a custodial sentence
  • conducting a case for compensation for wrongful conviction, temporary arrest or detention
  • preparing appeals, cessations and applications for conditional discontinuance of proceedings and other letters in criminal cases

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When considering criminal cases, our lawyers take into account not only the aspect of legal provisions, but also any other circumstances accompanying the event, personal circumstances of the suspect, his family situation and all other aspects that may be relevant to the outcome of an investigation or a criminal court proceeding.

At each stage, the client knows what his situation looks like, what his rights are and what the consequences are, so that he has a sense of security and a guarantee of the best professional legal care.